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PSC Testimonials


"I am a businessman on the West Coast who feels fortunate to have discovered Professional Sales Consultants. Mark Michelson has helped me tremendously each and every time I have worked with him. He has a thorough knowledge of business principals and a vast amount of real world experience. He has the ability to listen carefully to his client, then apply his sharpness, expertise and unique insights to any situation. He is the best I have ever seen - probably the best in the country."


Marty K, Owner, Marty's Landscape Systems, Medford, Oregon

"He (Mr. Michelson) has been adept at assessing our needs and developing the proper solutions to achieve our objectives. His performance is always superior. Mr. Michelson has the ability to integrate our objectives within the "big picture" and develop appropriate strategies based on our specific needs. What a novel approach! I feel fortunate that we found Mr. Michelson and believe we are a  better company because of his work. He has certainly earned my respect and highest recommendation. If your firm has high values and seeks to improve is success, please consider Mark Michelson for your team."


Lew P, Managing Partner, Vintage Vinyl, University City, Missouri

"Thanks so much... As I have told you, I admire the energy and commitment you brought to your efforts to acquire the Cardinals. Yours was a worthy project and an original concept. It was a pleasure working with you and the other  members of your group. I wish you well..."


 Retired U.S. Senator John C. Danforth, State of Missouri

"In the course of dealing with Mark, I have found him to be very responsive to our needs and accountable for his recommendations. He has exhibited superior business and management skills and conducts business with integrity."


Brett B, Public Relations Manager, Missouri Baptist Medical Center, St Louis, Missouri

"It is my pleasure to recommend Mark Michelson and his firm Professional Sales Consultants. Mark was contracted to provide management consulting services, which included his role as Chief Operating Officer. He was instrumental with building and developing all structural components of the company... Mark was responsible for creating our 5 year strategic plan... He was exceptionally strong with maintaining a big-picture perspective and developing strategies which addressed our strengths, needs, competitive landscape and evolving world. His performance, dedication and loyalty was always exemplary."


Douglas K, President and CEO, Cohen, St Louis, Missouri

"...Mark and I have worked together on 2 or 3 projects as he has acted as a valuable consultant to my company, Mark has provided marketing, sales and business acumen to our growing business. I have brought him back not only for his ability but for his honesty and integrity. He has been a wonderful asset to our company. His insight is always welcome."


Lawrence N, President,, Clayton, Missouri

"Mark's ability to perceive ways in which his talent and expertise might be applied to any situation is the very reason our chance meeting lead to a working relationship... My relationship with Mark has been one in which I have quickly needed to share authority and access, I was easily comfortable in doing so. I believe him to be of exceptional moral character and I can strongly recommend Mark as a professional consultant..."


Former Mayor Sue Baum, City of Creve Coeur, Missouri

"I would like to thank you for the part you played in our outstanding success with our ... Project..."


Robert Reass, Safety/Environmental & Improved Business Director, Monsanto Co

"..I have known Mark to be extremely professional and to be a man of his word. I have found Mark to be an individual unquestioned character and integrity and someone I would trust to accomplish anything he sets out to achieve and to achieve in a responsible and professional manner. "


Jack S, Dundee Wealth Management Inc., Vancouver, British Columbia

"I am a CPA and a partner in a local accounting and consulting firm... Working within a short timeline, Mark worked quickly and tirelessly. He assembled a team of professional advisors, established a relationships with key civic and business leaders, and obtained interest from the investment community... in large part due to Mark's ingenuity and energy, we were successful in gaining positive media coverage and raising public support for our efforts. If your organization needs a person with vision, the ability to accomplish challenging objectives quickly and build solid relationships with business and civic professionals, I would recommend Mark Michelson."


Michael W, CPA, Partner, Lopata Flegel & Co, Chesterfield, Missouri

"...we both served on the Board of Directors for the Miriam Foundation. He performed admirably in his role which earned him the respect from the other board members. He was a very active member and always followed through on his commitments."


Carol G, Community Volunteer, Board Member, Miriam Foundation, St Louis, Missouri

"...One cannot state the value of your time to this organization."


Charles D, Board Member, American Heart Association


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