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Identifying and Managing your Critical Numbers - Business Intelligence

Developing an "Accountable Organization" - Maximizing Profitability - Planning for Success

identifying and managing critical numbers


PSC helps clients craft and execute winning growth & profitability agendas.

One of the few constants in this world of continuous evolution is shareholders' expectation of sustained growth. Surprisingly few firms have a clear, well-internalized agenda for meeting this expectation or the ability to execute. PSC helps clients achieve success by offering the following resources and services: 


Identifying and Managing Your Critical Numbers

PSC helps quantify each component of your business in order to provide real-time tools to more efficiently gain control. Many managers use only financial statements to manage, which are historical in nature and cannot provide real-time information. The current competitive environment requires managers to utilize up-to-the-second processes and information to maximize results. It is impossible to manage or control effectively what you cannot or do not measure. PSC helps our clients :

         Identify critical numbers & use them to more effectively manage the business

         Utilize critical numbers to drive profitability

         Make decisions faster

         Increase the accuracy of decisions

         Use critical numbers as a measurement for accountability

         Learn where to focus attention

         Leverage the money in the business

         Use break-even to explode profitability

         Maximize ROI

         Maximize the net worth of the business

         Develop realistic financial models for the business

Business Intelligence

PSC helps our clients integrate Business Intelligence software with customized reporting solutions to provide a significant management advantage for turning data into valuable business information for maximizing timely and strategic decision-making.


Developing an "Accountable Organization"
Developing an accountable organization means that your business will be able to run efficiently with less involvement from you. PSC helps our clients:

         Create clear vision, direction and defined business objectives

         Meet expectations of employees

         Focus on quantifiable results that employees can reach

         Foster introspection and adapt to constant change

         View problems as opportunities rather than obstacles

 Employing individuals that own their results and are loyal to your business is instrumental to an accountable organization.

         Understanding the reasons employees fail

         Employee attitude

         Effective communication

         Regular employee meetings

         Job descriptions

         Performance driven compensation

         Effective leadership

         Employee and company evaluations

Maximizing Profitability
Maximize profitability by focusing on the core areas of your business and treat each area as one piece of the total pie. PSC helps our clients maximize profitability by:

      Establishing multi-year financial targets

      Establishing a meaningful budget

      Creating employee productivity benchmarks

      Developing strategies for managing by your critical numbers

      Developing strategies for sharing your profitability targets

 Profit is the key to long term success. Often small businesses sacrifice profit for its short-term cash flow. Without a clear profit plan, cash flow problems tend to be never-ending. Proper strategic planning and execution are critical to maximizing profitability.


Planning for Success
Every great success begins with a vision and followed by a plan. PSC helps our clients:

         Learn how to create and follow a business plan.

         Improve management focus

         Establish shareholder expectations

         Identifying your critical numbers and how to effectively use them to manage your business

         Develop a framework for organizational accountability

         Unlock creativity and embrace change

         Learn to create an entity with stand-alone value

 Planning for Success is key to your business growth, and ultimately preparing you for a profitable exit.  

         Key components of a business plan

         Starting with the end in mind

         Developing and using a company vision statement

         Defining SWOTT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Trends & Threats)

         Turning business plan deviations into creativity and positive change

         Communicating your business plan to others

         Managing a results-based work environment

Strategic planning  should start with the end goal in mind. By implementing our disciplines into your business, your company will be able to operate with or without you. With these systems in place, you will be able maximize ROI when you are ready to sell your business.


PSC helps business owners make prudent decisions about
setting and implementing strategies that maximize top and bottom line.




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